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A precondition for high quality printing matter is proper starting material delivered to us, which has been made by way of using CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress or Freehand professional design software.
Files converted into PDF, EPS or PS formats may also be submitted.

In case your work has been executed in a format of Microsoft Office (.doc, .xls, .ppt or other) we may help you to redesign it in the appropriate software but in that case the result might not be identical to the original. Microsoft software is not suitable for preparation of high quality printing matters.

Please use only PANTONE or CMYK (not RGB or other) colours in the works to be sent to us.

In order to preserve the correct font proportions in the texts we suggest that you either add to the original files the fonts used or convert the whole text to curves.

In order for the reproduction of colours to be as exact as possible, we:

  • coordinate with our customers in advance concerning tones, on the basis of exact CMYK and Pantone colour samples,
  • print according to digiproof produced by customers (digiproof can be ordered from us as well).

If your work is on paper as a manuscript or in your mind…

… it will be our pleasure to produce a design suitable for you and to perform preparatory works of printing.


We deliver the printworks free of charge to every address in Estonia.

For delivering goods outside the Republic of Estonia we will find from amongst our transport service partners a satisfying service provider who offers optimal prices and deadlines.